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Truck Accessories in Humble, TX 

There’s nothing like having a truck and really, truly making it your own. That means installing truck accessories that suit your own style, your own preferences and your own plans for using that truck. Whether you’re in the market for truck accessories that enhance off-road ability, boost performance or just look good, at Big Tex Tires & Offroad, we’ve got you covered. Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge or imports…old truck or new truck, you’ve come to the right place when you come to Big Tex Tires & Offroad for truck accessories in Humble, TX!

Lift Kits and Offroad Suspension in Humble, TX

It’s pretty awesome to drive a truck that’s lifted several inches for extra ground clearance. Lift kits are one of the most common truck accessories that we install, but it’s a modification that’s trickier than some realize.  Proper suspension geometry, driveline angles and steering setups are absolutely crucial elements of a properly-lifted truck; neglecting any of these can result in premature driveline wear and compromised steering, ride and handling on- and off-road. At Big Tex Tire & Offroad, our technicians can install your lift kit professionally, for a truck that’s not just awesome but safe and controllable. 

Wheels and Tires in Humble, TX

No custom truck is complete without aftermarket wheels and tires! Whether you just go offroad now and then or you’re planning on doing some serious mud-bog and rock crawling fun, we’ve got you covered with tires from Kelly, Mickey Thompson, BF Goodrich, Michelin®, Nitto and more. If you’re going all the way, dress up your truck with a set of aftermarket wheels – Big Tex carries several top brands of custom wheels, with plenty of options to choose from regardless of what truck you drive. 
Truck Accessories in Humble, TX

Light Bars and Running Boards in Humble, TX

Light up the night and see where you’re going with a light bar! These popular truck accessories are a big seller, fairly easy to install and are available in a wide range of prices, sizes and configurations. They’re one of the best modifications you can do on your truck, and at Big Tex we’re happy to carry light bars in halogen, LED or HID designs. 
Running boards make it a lot easier to get in and out of a tall pickup truck, and we stock and install running boards in a number of different designs. Whether your tastes run toward rugged tubular nerf bars or stylish stainless, aluminum or diamond-plate designs, we’ve got running boards in Humble, TX that will be a great fit for your truck. We even carry electrically-powered running boards that can extend or retract as you open or shut the door, helping with aerodynamics and ground clearance! Schedule an appointment today! 

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