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Tire Calculator

Use our Tire Calculator to compare tire sizes.
First enter your vehicle stock tire size in the Size Input - Tire A.
Then enter the tire size to compare to your stock size to in Size Input - Tire B.

Then click Compare.


*Click the tire specs for more info

Totals in inches

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  • Tire B
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Section Width:           
Revs per mile:            

Size Input

Enter the size you are running now. (Tire A)

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Enter the new size to compare. (Tire B)

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If your speedometer reads:

You're going approximately:

*The results of this calculator is for information purposes only and are based on the mathematical equations of the sizes entered, not the actual tire specs provided by the tire manufacturers. Please refer to the guides supplied by manufacturers for exact specifications. Not for use with high flotation sizes, i.e. 31x10.50R-15.