Truck Accessories for Show and Go

March 7th, 2014
Truck Accessories Humble, TXThere are the grocery-getter trucks that haul kids to soccer practice and hardly ever go anywhere that isn’t paved. They’re comfortable and clean, with no mud, no scratches and a life that’s about as rigorous as that of a Lincoln Town Car.
Then there’s the trucks that earn their keep. They’re tools for ranchers and farmers, they get used for hunting and camping, or they haul things to and from the jobsite. You can find silly truck accessories like Yosemite Sam mud flaps or chrome trim parts, but at BIGTEX Tires & Offroad, we’ve got what you need to set the bar higher for your truck (and look great in the process). 
  • LED Light Bars are a huge improvement over the old sealed-beams that you had to mount on your front bumper or up on the roll bar. You can find LED light bars in sizes from four-LED 3” cubes to 52” arrays that go across the whole roof of your truck. That’s part of the beauty of LEDs…they can be configured any number of ways, and they throw out an incredible amount of watts and candlepower. LED light bars are tough and efficient, and the design of the LEDs themselves means that they’ll last the life of your truck. 
  • Running Boards are a big help for trucks that have been lifted for extra ground clearance. Along with making it easier to safely get in and out of your truck, the nonskid surfaces of running boards and nerf bars help keep your truck’s interior cleaner by preventing mud, gravel and grit from being tracked in. 
  • Lift Kits are a must if you’re serious about going off-road. Extra ground clearance protects your exhaust, oil pan, transmission and other undercarriage parts. The higher your ground clearance is, though, the trickier it becomes – an extreme lift is essentially a complete re-engineering of the truck’s driveline, steering and suspension, and it has to be done properly for a safe and roadworthy vehicle. At Bigtex Tires & Offroad, our service department can get your truck set up with a good-quality lift kit that’s installed right the first time!
  • Suspension Modifications are what can make the difference between your hardworking truck and the grocery-getter trucks that you see on the streets of the suburbs. Beefed-up springs, shocks, torsion bars, steering dampers and other steering components are a central part of any plan to beef up your truck for heavy loads, trailering or off-road excursions. 
If you put some tough miles on your truck, it’s easy to get attached to it. You depend on it and it doesn’t let you down, day in and day out. That’s why you want to make it your own, with the kind of truck accessories and extras that set it apart from the pavement-only grocery getters. Come on down to BIGTEX Tires and Offroad or schedule an appointment online and see what we can do for you! 
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