New Tires? Why Not New Rims Too?

January 14th, 2017

If you’ve got a big 4 x 4 or SUV, new tires are a great upgrade, especially with a lift kit so that you can mount bigger tires and get better ground clearance. If you’re Tires in Humble TX going for new tires, why not get new wheels as well?

Wheels and tires are more than just a cosmetic touch that personalizes your truck. They can also improve performance in significant ways. Consider this: rotational mass and unsprung weight (the weight of the vehicle that isn’t supported by the suspension) have a real impact on handling and braking performance.

Upsized tires and wheels already make your brakes work harder to slow your vehicle down, and can even have an effect on your speedometer reading and transmission shift points. Cutting the unsprung weight and rotational mass of the wheels and tires takes some of the stress off of the braking system…and a good set of alloy rims can offer significant savings in weight over stock steel or alloy rims.

Steel rims are durable, but they’re heavy and a little clunky looking. Alloy or aluminum wheels are more lightweight and rival steel wheels in terms of durability, and their strength can help enhance steering response and precision. Alloy materials also disperse heat more quickly, which can be a real help in braking performance, and their slots or cutouts help ventilate hot brakes. There are many designs and brands of alloy wheels on the market, of course, and some allow for more brake clearance on certain makes and models of vehicles. Increased brake clearance can give a driver better control over braking and deceleration.

And of course, there’s the cool factor.

Nothing makes a vehicle stand out and make a statement like a custom set of wheels and tires. It’s the kind of thing that can really personalize your truck and truly make it your own.

Are we giving you any ideas here? At BIGTEX Tires & Offroad in Humble, TX, we’ve got a great selection of wheels and premium-brand tires for your truck. Whether you want to go wild or mild, make an appointment with us and find out what we’ve got to offer!  

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