Make Your Ride Stand Out!

October 21st, 2016

There are lots of ways to make your ride stand out from the crowd…some subtle and some outrageous…some very cool and some very cheesy. At BIGTEX Tire Truck Accessories in Humble TX & Offroad in Humble, TX, we can get you set up with some great accessories for your truck!

--Wheels and tires are a great way to make any truck custom. Whether you’ve got a sports truck that seldom gets off the pavement or a tough 4 x 4 that loves the dirt and mud, we’ve got wheels and tires from top manufacturers, for pretty much any make and model of truck or SUV.

--Light bars have come a long way in the last several years. The advent of LED technology means you can now have a great-looking, aerodynamic light bar for your truck that will light up the night like a flamethrower and last for the lifetime of the truck.

--Changing your truck’s stance is another great idea. Lowering the ride height will help a sporty truck handle better, and if you’ve got a 4 x 4 a lift kit will help you mount oversize wheels and tires and get better ground clearance for offroad. We’ve got lift kits and body lift kits for a wide range of trucks, from mild to wild and practical to radical.

--Running boards are another great idea for any truck or SUV, and they’re also really practical for entry and exit once you’ve raised the truck’s ride height. Choose from lighted running boards, power retractable running boards and many other styles and designs, all from top manufacturers.

At one time, trucks were something you’d see on ranches and jobsites. They were bare-bones, practical vehicles with few creature comforts. Today, trucks are everywhere and actually rival sedans in comfort and features. Why not take your truck and trick it out a little bit? BIGTEX Tire & Offroad in Humble, TX, has the kind of custom truck accessories you want, at prices you’ll love. We can even install them if you’re not up to the job yourself – make an appointment and find out what we can do together!  

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