Is it Time for a Tire Rotation?

January 9th, 2015

Tire rotation is an easy maintenance item that has long term benefits for any vehicle. When properly maintained, tire rotations can improve fuel economy, extend tire life and provide drivers better handling through improved stability. Frequently servicing vehicles with tire rotations is imperative to sustaining tire tread by ensuring all tires are used evenly without excessive wear to one section or another.

Normal tread wear is unavoidable due to uneven vehicle weight dispersal, vehicle performance, etc. Without tire rotations, tires continue to wear on the same areas over and over, causing irreversible damage to tire tread which drastically decreases tire life. Engine weight accounts for a major portion of veh ...[more]

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Why Should You Lift Your Ride?

January 8th, 2015

lift kit humble txby: Cody Wallis


Vehicle customization is the ultimate form of expression and what better way to show an adventurous, fun personality than a lift kit from Bigtex Tires and Offroad. Equipping a vehicle with this type of transformation is a careful process, one technicians of Bigtex Tire and Offroad have perfected to an art form. First you must determine if having a lift kit is a feature that would benefit the vehicle of choosing. There are two primary reasons to obtaining a lift kit: style and performance. Whether you want to show off that daring edge or you need the customization for more functional purposes (off road travel or racing) will greatly affect the type of lift kit you should purchase.


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